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Making the Decision to Move to a Senior Community

How do you know when it's the right time to move to a Senior Community? We've put together a number of questions that might help you candidly look at your current situation. You can then use this information in your decision making process.

Click here for a Questionnaire to aid in your decision making

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Take some time and really look at your answers. In Section A, if you found yourself answering more "no's" than "yes's", and in section B, answering more "yes's" than "no's"; a move to a senior community is probably needed. As in any situation, a yes and no choice is not always sufficient. Sometimes the honest answer lies somewhere in the middle. Use this tool to honestly see how you feel about yourself and your life in your own home.

An important item to consider is that making a move before you "have to" can allow you to be able to evaluate options and make a well-informed choice. Waiting until an illness or injury occurs can force you to make a decision, but the choices and options may be much more limited. The actual move then becomes physically and emotionally more trying.

Many people talk about not wanting to give up their "independence". They feel moving to a senior community will somehow take their independence away from them. A full service retirement community may actually enhance your independence in many ways.

Webster's Dictionary defines independence as "not requiring or relying on others". A full service senior community allows you to do just that.

You won't be spending all your energy and time maintaining a house or trying to find someone to do it for you. This reduces your stress and worries. You have time and energy to enjoy yourself, your family, and your friends.

If you don't want to drive, or can't drive anymore, choose a building that offers transportation; You can still independently go places and do what you have to do without having to ask a family member for friend for assistance.

Do you sometimes feel isolated due to bad weather or lack of transportation? Choose a community that offers a wide variety of activities. You can be responsible for your own socializing and entertainment; family and friends won't worry about you being all alone during a tough winter.

By choosing a full service retirement community, if you ever need assistance it's available. If you don't need the assistance you don't have to use it. And all the time, you're still in your own home.

Most senior communities have some safety nets in place, such as a daily "I'm OK" check, or emergency response system. No one has to "check on you". You've got it covered.

Remember, deciding where you want to live is an important decision, one that always has to be made. It's just a matter of when you decide to make the decision.

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