Code of Ethics - Glenwood Estates Senior Community

Our Pledge

This code of ethics guides our decision and leads us to create a culture of the acceptance, understanding, and trust for the people we serve and for those who support them.

We pledge integrity and commit to fairness, honesty, and confidentiality

  • Staff and volunteers discuss individuals only in private settings with the client and other authorized people present.
  • Computers and fax machines where client information is available are located in areas accessible only to authorized staff.
  • Staff will provide the public with the accurate information about our setting and services. Our marketing and other materials will accurately describe the services we are able to safely deliver.
  • Glenwood Estates does not discriminate in employment or in accepting residents based on race, ethnic origin, religion, or other criteria under federal or state law.

We pledge integrity and commit to open communication and encourage of self expression in order to continually improve our services.

  • Residence and family suggestions are discussed openly and constructively at regular forums with staff, residents, and family members.
  • A monthly newsletter is informative, timely, and distributed to all interested parties.
  • Monthly calendars are posted informing residents on current events.
  • Glenwood Estates quality improvement process encourages staff to identify helpful changes in policies and procedures.
  • Staff is available to assist residents and families who may want to meet as a group.
  • Management periodically contacts families and residents for feedback on the quality of customer service and customer satisfaction.

We pledge integrity and commit to nurture choice through disclosure of vital information to enable the people we serve to make informed decisions about the level of care and correspondence with the level of risk they desire.

  • Complete and clear information will be given to prospective consumers and their families early in their decision making process through disclosure statements and other materials.
  • Changes in service agreements and plans of care are made based on decisions reached in conjunction with residents, family, management, and third party payers.
  • Any changes in health status or ability o meet the criteria to continue living at Glenwood Estates are discussed with residents and their family members if the resident desires.
  • When the staff observes or anticipates that the person has needs that cannot be met by the provider, management will provide a list of other service organizations that may be able to assist.

We promote the highest quality housing with services and commit to develop a well-trained and competent staff to prudently manage Glenwood Estates resources to provide quality housing with services and to comply with applicable laws and regulations.

  • This organization makes improvements based on information from satisfaction surveys of the people served and employees.
  • The organization provides basic staff training, on-going staff development, and regularly evaluates the ability of the staff to provide quality services in a customer friendly manner.
  • The organization is kept up to date on trends and new practices by staff that attends conferences and participates actively in trade associations.
  • The organization encourages volunteers from the community to supplement the organization's resources.
  • The organization makes public it's regulatory compliance.
  • An increase in fees are presented and explained well in advance to the people being served.
  • The organization involves staff, residents, and their families in it's process to improve quality.

We promote the highest quality housing with services and commit to provide innovative and supportive housing in a well-maintained setting that reflects the value of our community

  • The people we serve and those who support them are regularly informed about safety procedures and emergency contingency plans.
  • The building is new and very attractive.
  • Services are delivered in a manner that is sensitive to the ethnic differences.
  • The organization's services are up to date and of good quality.
  • All staff share responsibility for maintaining a safe and clean environment and report any problems to the appropriate staff.
  • The maintenance staff plans and works with residents to minimize disruptions to the people we serve.
  • The community's preferences and values are reflected in the design and decor of the building.
  • The people we serve are encouraged to decorate their apartments as they wish.

We promote the highest quality housing with services and commit to help the people we serve obtain services to maximize their desired level of independence, autonomy, and dignity. We will identify internal as well as community resources to assist them with life's transitions.

  • Service coordinator or RN works with the person being served to identify appropriate services and so care planning that maximizes the person's ability to maintain their desired level of independence.
  • The person being served identifies and selects services in consultation with staff.
  • The organization contracts with the county and other third-party payers to assist the people we serve.
  • The organization is committed to a mission that responds to a social need of the community.
  • Staff encourages and facilitates advance planning for the life transitions by talking with the people we serve and their families about health changes they see and suggest other services that may be explored.

We foster community and commit to acknowledge and respect each person we serve as a reflections of his or her own culture, life experiences, habits, and decisions.

  • The organization is committed to a mission statement and management policies promoting tolerance and respect of people's diversity.
  • The experience and preferences of the people we serve are incorporated into planning and designing individualized services and care plans.
  • Staff provides services in a manner that respects religious, cultural, racial, and ethnic diversity.
  • Local agencies, other organizations, and places of worship are included in our community activities to help meet diverse needs.
  • Diverse community groups are invited to use the organization's meeting space.

We foster community and commit to partner with the people we serve and those who support them - their families, community, and members of our organization.

  • Family conferences are structured to enable the people we serve and their families to openly discuss their needs and desire to improve support when difficult decisions must be made.
  • The organization encourages active family and resident groups to come together and work on issues for the good of the people we serve.
  • The organization encourages staff, managers, volunteers, board members, and owners to carefully listen to the people we serve to ensure that we understand and do whatever it is we can do to reasonably respond to their wishes.
  • The staff seeks opportunities to appropriately involve family and friends of the people we serve in the organization's activities.

We foster community and commit to demonstrate good citizenship and create opportunities for mutually beneficial activities within the greater community.

  • Staff participates in local civic groups and works with local officials on civic projects that support a vital and diverse community.
  • The board actively develops constructive partnerships with other organizations in the community to support effective programs for older people in our region.
  • Staff promotes and facilitates the continuous involvement of those we serve in the large community.
  • The organization has developed a program through which staff and those we serve volunteer their services for the community good.

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