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Policies and Procedures

Welcome to Glenwood Estates. We hope you will enjoy our neighborhood as much as we do. The following information is intended to explain our policies and procedures so you will be able to take advantage of services we offer.

We strive to hold our rates at Glenwood Estates as reasonable as possible. Some added assistance may be provided if needed, at an additional charge.

In order to reside in our Glenwood Estates Community, tenants must be at least 55 years of age.


Statements will be delivered prior to the end of each month. The statement will contain charges for rent and any extra services received. Payment is due on the first of each month. Rentals are on a month to month basis. A 30 day notice must be given if vacating. Refund will not be given for a partial month.

On-Site Staff

Our caring staff is availble on-site 24 hours per day, 7 days per week for your safety and convenience.


Attached private garages with interior entry are available for rent. Garage door openers are provided.


Any maintenance problems should be brought to the attention of management promptly.


Continental Breakfast is available to all tenants 8:00am to 10:00am. Lunch will be served at noon each day for those who purchased the meal plan. Please inform staff of any dietary needs. You must notify staff 24 hours in advance if you are having guests. There is a limit of 4 guests at a time due to seating and food availability.


Once a week you are allowed approximately ½ hour cleaning. Staff will vacuum carpets, clean bathroom shower, sink, floor, and kitchen floor. Large furniture will not be moved. Windows will be washed once a year. If you desire, you may purchase extra cleaning services such as laundry, refrigerator, and oven cleaning.


There is a free laundry facility located centrally in the building. We ask that you provide your own detergents. Please attend to your laundry as there my be others waiting to use the facility. Please do not use dyes in the machine.


There is free parking available on the North and South end of the building. We reserve the front parking area for visitors or short time use.


Transportation is the responsibility of the tenant. If transportation assistance is needed, management can arrange a ride through Rainbow Rider.


Your mailbox is located by the office. The mail is delivered by the post office at approximately 3:45pm. A mailbox key will be given to you. Your mailing address is :

Your Name
500 Franklin St. North Apt #
Glenwood, MN 56334


Periodically there will be activities scheduled. These will be posted daily in the dining area. All are invited to attend.

Fire Safety

We are equipped with a sprinkler system and fire detectors.
If you discover a fire:

  1. Remain calm.
  2. Call 911 only if safe to do so.
  3. Pull fire alarm. There is one located at each exit.

When a fire alarm sounds, proceed to the nearest exit in a calm and orderly manner and leave the building. Meet in the front parking lot. You will be notified when it is safe to return to the building.


Glenwood Estates has a No-Pet policy.


Glenwood Estates is a smoke free facility.


Tenants will be issued an apartment/entrance key, and a mailbox key. If lost, a replacement key may be obtained from the manager at a fee of $5.00.


Rooms may be available for guests of tenants. The limit for their stay is 7 days. The cost is $30.00 per day. Towels and linens are provided. Meals my be purchased at $5.00 per person. For children under 12, the cost is $3.00.


Glenwood Estates prohibits any harassment or intimidation due to race, color, religion, nationality, disability, or gender. To implement this policy, we have a three step procedure.

  1. Whenever a tenant has a reason to believe he or she has been subjected to discrimination, intimidation, undesired sexual advances, or harassment, or if a tenant witnesses the harassment of another, the tenant should, politely but firmly tell the offending person that such conduct is unacceptable. If the offending conduct does not stop, report the incident to the manager.
  2. The manager will promptly conduct a fair investigation. All complaints and information will be treated as confidentially as possible, subject to the need to conduct a full and fair investigation.
  3. If the manager concludes there is merit to the claim, corrective measures will be taken, including but not limited to the termination of the rental agreement.

Tornado and Severe Weather

TORNADO WATCH - PREPARE! Issued when the conditions are favorable for the formation of a tornado.

  • Have a battery operated radio available.
  • Be prepared to go to a sheltered area (bathrooms, laundry room)
  • Listen for further updates and keep an eye on the sky.

TORNADO WARNING - Take Cover NOW! Issued when a tornado has been sighted or detected by radar. Sirens will sound.

  • Take shelter immediately! Go to your bathroom and sit in the shower. Use pillows or cushions to protect yourself.
  • Stay away from windows, doors, and outside walls.
  • Protect your head.
  • Listen to the radio for updates.

Phone: 320-634-0022

Fax: 320-634-0052

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